Gannet Colony Photos from Bonaventure Island

The photos below were all taken on Bonaventure Island, Québec, Canada, in July 1996.

Ted D'Eon photographing the Gannets at the colony (Photo by Nigel D'Eon)

(Photo by Ted. C. D'Eon)

(Photo by Ted C. D;Eon)
Our trip to the Gaspésie (July 1 to July 7/96) was a success, even though we only had 1 fine day, and it was the day we drove from Moncton to Percé.

In Percé we walked to le Rocher Percé in the fog, and then went on a boat tour around Bonaventure Island (in the fog). We viewed the Gannet colony first from the boat, and then landed on the island where Nigel and Ted walked right to the Gannet colony to photograph the birds on videotape and stills. It was a hard uphill, long walk to the site, but well worth it.

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