Parrsboro Flying Festival 2005 - Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Ted C. D'Eon - West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, CANADA
May 2005    Parrsboro 2006,   Parrsboro 2009

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P1030389_Ted_DEon P1030394_Ted_DEon P1030408_Ted_DEon P1030422b_Ted_DEon
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P1030426_Ted_DEon.jpg P1030430b_Ted_DEon.jpg P1030433_Ted_DEon.jpg P1030439_Ted_DEon.jpg
P1030445b_Ted_DEon P1030447_Ted_DEon P1030464cr_Ted_DEon P1030471_Ted_DEon
P1030445b_Ted_DEon.jpg P1030447_Ted_DEon.jpg P1030464cr_Ted_DEon.jpg P1030471_Ted_DEon.jpg
Some photos of some of the activities at the Parrsboro Flying Festival 2005.

The weather was very poor with wind and rain. Even though I was not able to fly in Parrsboro, I still had a good time, met some fine people, and even learned a thing or two. I plan to return next year.