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I purchased a 12-String Seagull guitar in July of 2001 from the Halifax Folklore Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

My son, Nigel had purchased the same model a few months earlier. It played so well and sounded so good, I JUST HAD TO HAVE ONE.

I was not disappointed. I just love it!

The model I got is the S12+.

The price was very reasonable for the superb quality of workmanship, great sound and ease of playability.

Later I purchased another 12 string Seagull. This one a Seagull Maritime 12 String with the electronics factory-installed. The S12+'s electronics (Shadow Preamp with Condenser Microphone & Pickup) were installed after the sale and never worked well. The strings sounding unevenly and too easy to get feedback, especially when playing in a group. The Seagull Maritime 12 String works fine plugged in. I still prefer the S12+ when playing unplugged but the difference is minimal.

In 2013, I purchased online from Artisan Guitars of Franklin, Tennessee, USA, a Composite Acoustics (CA) Cargo, 3/4 size travel guitar, made of carbon fibre and with electronics. It plays well and is very light to carry. It will be great to bring along in the camper van when we travel during the summer. From the write-up: "A travel size instrument that sounds like a full size guitar? Impossible! The Composite Acoustics Cargo Raw is comfortable to play anywhere, from the forests of Oregon to the foothills of the Catskill mountains, and even in your favorite armchair."

CA Cargo Carbon Burst RAW
CA Cargo Carbon Burst RAW

My other guitar is a Takamine 6-string. (It does not play as well nor sound as good as the Seagulls nor the CA Cargo.)

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