Jill Barber

It was on July 1, 2005, I first heard of JILL BARBER, as she stepped onto the stage at the annual Stan Rogers' Festival in Canso, Nova Scotia. I fell in love right away. She is a true wordsmith and combines her sultry voiced lyrics with captivating melodies on her well mastered acoustic guitar; very easy on the ears. She is by no means a cookie-cutter wannabe musician. She has an exciting flair and style of her own. She played most of the tunes from her six-songed CD, titled "Oh Heart". Every one of them is a work of art. No duds in the bunch!

On June 17, 2006, I once again had the pleasure of attending one of her performances; this one at "The Osprey Theatre" in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Again, an awesome performance and performer. I actually had the opportunity to meet the lady. She is also very easy on the eyes!

Give her a listen to when you get the chance. Go to her concert. Purchase her CDs.

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